Miss Ying Collection - FULL/QUEEN - DUVET COVER


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$439 USD

Product Description

Wrap yourself in the beauty and warmth with this Miss Ying Signature Bedding – now available in single items! This luxurious, silky-soft bedding is woven from natural materials that enhance relaxation. Natural chitin and bamboo charcoal emit negative ions and far infrared rays, which insulate body heat, regulate moisture, and eliminate odor. Eco-friendly fabric has anti-mold, anti-mite, and anti-static properties. Benefits endure through years of wash and use.

  • Supports healthy circulation
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-mite, anti-mold, anti-static
  • Regulates humidity
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Reflects far-infrared
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Product Information

90" X 92"

Pattern May Vary